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A prompt request

17 Jan

Hey guys, so it Saturday already. This year sure is flying swiftly by, huh? It’s already the freaking 17th. Wow!

Anyway, just wanted to ask for some writing prompts for tomorrow. You know, Short Story Sunday and all. I feel like a challenge.

So, don’t feel shy. Just leave me a comment for a prompt on what you’d like tomorrow’s story to be about.

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The Dark Abyss of No Internet Connection.

24 Nov

Have you ever spent weeks or months without any access to the internet? Well let me tell you, it is a dark and bleak existence that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
My days became so dull and bad that I felt like I was drowning.

Piece of advice to you guys, please have an outdoor hobby or anything that you can do in the unfortunate event that you are cut off from the world.
My poor blog suffered. And let me not even talk about my GoodReads account. I feel ashamed.

I wanna apologise to my followers and also (especially) the authors who kindly requested that I read and review their new books…I am so sorry. It couldn’t have been helped. But now I am back and hopefully this time I will take better care of my book blog. (If you are on Goodreads, you should totally add me…I love “meeting” new people).

To the people who nominated me for various awards and I didn’t respond, I also apologise.

So I have some awesome news, I recently discovered the wonderful world of Fanfiction and now I am hooked. It has really helped me get better with my writing and interacting with all those people from around the globe and getting instant feedback feels awesome.

Now, back to my blog…I have like about 5 books to get through and review. They are all seeming and showing real promise. Since I have so much free time now, I am sure I will be done soon.
So I am kindly asking you my readers if there are any good books (preferably by new authors yet to be discovered) that you know of or would want me to read. If so just comment or email me at (

I love the idea of helping out up and coming authors. And if I end up reading an awesome story in the end, well then its a “win win” for me 🙂

So, I just had to put this post up before all the reviewing and recommendations started.
I hope you are all doing okay and tell me what I missed out on.


How do you pick your books?

11 Aug

The saying goes “do not judge a book by its cover” and most of the times that is true, especially if:

  1. You already know the author and you love them.
  2. One of your closest friends recommended it to you.
  3. The book has made such a hype that your just HAVE to read it, regardless of how the cover looks like.

But what about those sometimes rare moments when you just need to read something new? A new series or standalone novel? How do you pick up that new book when all you have is a title, a blurb, a cover and the genre?

I won’t lie to you, some of my best reads were as a result of those “OMG, this cover is so cute…I have to read this book” moments. I remember the first time I came across a Gena Showalter novel, one look at that Lords of the Underworld book and I knew I just had to read it. Don’t judge me, that turned out to be one of my greatest book choices in my life. Now here I am after 10 books and I still count her as one of my Favourite Authors. (Even though she has lost her “spark” and gone all clean and umm well just different from the Gena I felt in love with).

Before this amazing world of ebooks and ereaders, I remember walking home from school with my friends and at times when we had saved up enough money we would buy some books in the streets. Back then my reading just involved Sweet Valley Twins, Mills and Boon, Silhouette romance and the like. With the Wakefield twins, I didn’t care which one was on sale, I just had to get it. With romance I always found Medical romance a bit boring so I avoided those. But at times when I was in want of a book and nothing was available, I pretty much read anything. Call it a disease or just an addiction. It is possible right? To be addicted to reading? I guess that would give an explanation as to why I found myself reading the cereal packet or the bread wrapper during breakfast. Weird I know, but reading is reading. 😀
Anyway my point is it was easy to choose the books I wanted to read back then…powerful main character , good captivating blurb and that catchy title. Teenage me had it good.
I would go home, do my homework if I had any and get swallowed up in my latest purchase…okay fine, so maybe most of the books I read back then were all borrowed from someone 😛

These days though, I think people put too much thought in picking up the next book they want to read…I mean with so many books available and being published everyday, one might wonder how our brains don’t explode with the overwhelming force of it all. So many good books, so little time. Which one should I read now? Do I pick this one? Do I pick that one? This looks good. Oh wait so does that one. God!!! AAAAHHHHH

Sorry about that, I am good now. *takes a deep breath* But you see what I mean, right?

With Goodreads and Blogs and everything, I just have to ask…what influences you to choose that particular book? How do you pick one over the others? What criteria do you use?


Book Update

5 Aug

So this is just an update on the “book” that I am writing. I wrote a post that I was going to attempt writing my own book and I have opted to go for the Young Adult Genre. It is all still just a work in progress obviously and I don’t really expect anything much from my followers.

The story is about a girl, Faye, who has been having a recurring nightmare for weeks and though she tries not to let it get to her it starts to affect her life and just when she thinks it can’t get any worse a mysterious young man comes into her life. His arrival tears her life apart and makes her doubt everything that she knows. He opens her eyes to a world of magical creatures she never could have imagined and an evil that is determined to destroy the world.

I just posted Chapter One on My writing for anyone who is interested in reading it and hopefully becoming a follower.

Hoping to read what people think.


Becoming a book writer

4 Aug

I have always had two recurring dreams in my life, becoming a successful fashion designer and being a published author. I tried my luck with fashion design and I enjoyed it a lot.

During my absence from the blogosphere I still managed to read a wide variety of novels (mostly romance and YA) and while most were amazing and absolute page turners, some were just boring and it made me want to try out writing a book. Something I can call my own.

My vocabulary probably still needs a lot of upgrading but well I am still going to go for it. This blog will now not only be my reviews and recommendations blog but also my potential future book promotion page.

I will give you guys a sample of some of the stuff I had written in the past and hopefully you can give me your honest opinion. I am hoping that if I do it this way, I will manage finishing one book at least.

The way I will do this is post one on a page that way people will sample it and if the feedback is positive enough I will continue with that one and if not, well I guess I will start writing a new one.

You are all welcome to join me on my journey to becoming a book writer.

Quick Question…

23 Feb

Is it wrong/bad/crazy to change your thoughts about a book which your totally hated at first and you probably didn’t finish but as soon as you went ahead to read some more, you find that it is actually okay?

That doesn’t make me unstable right??

So Many Books So Little Time

22 Feb

Wow, I never thought a day would come when I would feel totally and uttered overwhelmed by how many books I have to read. After discovering Goodreads and then making this blog, Oh My God, it has been one amazing book filled day after the other. I have to admit though, before all this, my reading mostly involved reading Harlequin Romances, Mills and Boon, a bit of Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins, John Grisham and the like. My sister always used to try and force the books she was reading in my face but between University and Boyfriend time the only books I could manage starting were small romance novels.

I have to say I am glad to have discovered the Young Adult genre, Its so amazing.

I can say at this point that I am happy, discovering that people still read and love books just like me. I was so convinced that I was like one of the last hundred or so people that still enjoy reading. But at the same time I am sad you know. This is because as at now, I know I only have like a month before school starts again and then its back to Computer codes and Algorithms. No more time to get really swallowed up in a good book. I think I am going to cry.

Anyway I have made a pact to myself (this is the best kind of pact really), that I will read a minimum of 20 more books before I head back to school.
I recently got the Covenant series by Jennifer. L. Armentrout and some many other books. I do hope I get to read these at least. Wish me luck 🙂













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