REVIEW: Made For You (Made Series #2) by Candace Nicole Werts

8 Jan

Title: Made For You (Marcia and David’s Story)
Author: Candace Nicole Werts
Genre: Romance, Erotica

Actual rating: 2.5 stars

Recommend it to: Lovers of erotica and books about strong independent females. Anyone who believes love is colour blind

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Marcia Davis has everything a girl could ask for. Not only does she have a thriving career as a financial analyst at A.Werts, she is a risk taker when it comes to fashion, and her make-up stays flawless. She is blessed to have two best friends, Carmen and Giselle. Will their friendship survive once the truth is revealed?

If you don’t envy her for those reasons, you will once you see her with the one and only David Parker. Behind all the glitz and glam, no one knows the dark secrets that she’s concealing. Until, a severed head is delivered at her door…

When I read book one in the Made Series, I knew I just had to read book two. Candace introduced me to her world and I fell in love with it. Come on a series about strong, successful women…sign me up for that.

Book two was an okay read. It was written in a way that it was enjoyable to read and follow. I’ve tagged it as Romance and Erotica, so I’ll review it as such. With that in mind, Candace out-did herself when I compared book 1 to book 2 when it came to the sex. It wasn’t lacking in the sex department and I have to point out that most of the scenes were steamy and hot enough. The two main characters had chemistry and were a good couple to read about. However, as the book progressed and I read on, it sort of became a bit repetitive and I skipped through most of the sex scenes in the end.

The characters were likeable and some even relatable. Working women being there for each other and trying to make it in a world where it isn’t easy to succeed. I loved that. I’m a sucker for successful and independent women.
Unlike Cooper (who I loved) from book 1, David came off a bit two dimensional for me.

The blurb talks about Marcia loving fashion and you can tell just by her insane love of shopping and designer labels. What I liked the most was how she was a strong character and had so much self-esteem that it showed. She was sure of herself and what she wanted.

I will be honest, when I read the severed head part I was intrigued and immediately had high hopes for Made For You. As the story progressed, I found that the plot wasn’t developed as much as I would have enjoyed. The emphasis in later chapters was more on Marcia and David’s love and fuckery. I craved to know more about the severed head and her dark past instead. Maybe I’m just morbid 😀 .

One of her best friends revealed to her that she knew her secret and I enjoyed reading Marcia’s reaction to that. I liked the time she spent with her family and all the bonding that happened.

Overall I would say that book two was okay, I just loved book one more. But that’s just me, book two felt a bit lacking. If you’re a fan of erotica, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

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