SECRETS (The Ivy #2) By LAUREN KUNZE in collaboration with RINA ONUR

14 Feb

the ivy1


Reputation, Reputation, Reputation.

You’re a student at the most prestigious university in the country, and you’ve been tapped for the most elite social club. You’ve made it

Now Don’t Blow It



What can I say about this except DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA. Before you read this one fully, first read my review on the first one The Ivy,

You might think that mean girls remain in high school and that university will give you a new feel of life but in this book Callie proves that college is just like high school minus the uniforms and prep time. Sure you have more freedom and there is no such thing as curfew because well how are your parents going to do that when they are miles away?

So the last book ended with Callie pretty much alienating everyone which ended up in a lot of messed up relationships. This time she comes back and from day one the drama begins.

They should hire her to be some secret agent for all the secrets she is keeping. And the worst thing is, she has no one she can trust.

Her best friend a.k.a  possible backstabber, hates her guts for the “incident” with Greg

Greg a.k.a Mr too hot for his own good, can’t talk to her without being upset with her because of the ‘incident” with some not so polite note.

Clint a.k.a Mr too damn perfect, keeps trying to figure out what went wrong and seems too good to be true. The guy is just nice

Lexi a.k.a Miss social princess/ black mailer, keeps trying to ruin her life.

I really enjoyed this book not only because it is a fun read but well I liked that it changes my view of The Ivy schools. And like I mentioned in my previous review, I love that it makes me feel like I am watching an episode of gossip girl.

I guess it is all that drama and youthful conversations 🙂


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