Breaking Sin – Teresa Mummert

1 Feb

Breaking Sin

****Sinthia wants to escape college unscathed and move on with her plans for a perfect life, but an unlikely friendship with Collin, the resident bad-boy, makes her rethink what she wants.*****

As I read the book, my first though when she started acting different and being all bad ass was “PEER PRESSURE” because lets face it, how else does a girl who used to be all about school, class and studying suddenly change and be all party freak and life of the party? Then it made sense, its that emotion called love, it really messes up our reason and makes us do the craziest things.
If you love bad boys and over-protective male Characters that leave you thinking and going like “damn, why can’t someone do that for me?” or ” okay that was just so hot”, you will like this one.

I liked the fact that it was modern and so up to date. It was fun to read and easily enjoyable. I would say that the one thing I did not like was that it was too short, yes i said it “it ended too soon”. I don’t know if that is even a valid disadvantage but to me it was. It was just too rushed you know and I guess I just kind of expected more from it.
But all in all it was okay


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